What is Art?

Behind the artwork enhancing
the surfaces of out first nine Rhino Ambassadors
are nine creative individuals from our community.
Their work lights up the environments in which they
are placed and bring laughter and delight to all.

Art is hot! Everyone has an opinion. How,
for example, can one compare the 20th and 21st
century's trend of Pop Art with the work of, say,
Leonardo DaVinci, Rembrant or Degas?

Well art has evolved, and Pop Artists can and
do command substantial prices for their work.
They are considered to be the serious
contemporary artists of today. The Rhino designs submitted
to The Rhinos Are Coming!!! by today's artists,
Pop and otherwise, famous or emerging, will
be selected based on criteria.

The creations must inspire, enchant, entertain,
educate and/or intrigue their audience the
public who will appreciate and enjoy
The Rhinos Are Coming!!!
Public Art Exhibition.


Peter Grey Rhino

Lalela Kids with their Rhino

Nardstar painting her rhino

Claire One Love Painting

Jade Painting

Andrew Painting

Beezy & Lionel

Nasser Painting

Lalela Artists

Celebrities too will be invited to submit designs,
perhaps working in collaboration with local artists of their
choice. Celebrities' Rhino sculptures will add to
prices achieved at the auction. This is a FUN event and all
viable ideas to increase funds raised will be considered.

Designs will be in good taste and be selected
by a panel of art and design experts. Contracts will be
agreed and blank rhinos delivered. Public painting space
will be available for those without sufficient room
to work on a life-sized rhino sculpture. The public space
will become an attraction in its own right as citizens
and visitors share in the process of Creating Art.