The Artists.


Transforming the plain white

surfaces of our Rhino Ambassadors

is the work of creative individuals

from our community. Their art lights up the

environments in which their Rhinos are

exhibited, bringing wonder, laughter and fun

to both visitors and locals alike.

The Rhinos Are Coming!!!

currently showcases the work of 20 artists,

some internationally famous, some

emerging and soon-to-be-famous.



In todays world art is hot

and everyone has an opinion!


How, for an example, can one compare the

20th and 21st century’s trend of Pop Art with

the work of say, Leonardo, Rembrandt or Degas?

Well, Art has evolved, and today Pop Art

commands substantial prices.


Street art is at last recognized for what it is,

 a serious art form making use of an unusual

 freely available type of canvas - blank walls.

 Street artists first started out as graffiti hooligans

with a reputation of disfiguring the city-scape

environment, but are now known as muralists.

Many are considered to be among the leading

contemporary artists of today, enhancing

our urban vistas.



The Artists of

The Rhinos Are Coming!!!


Artists are selected based on simple criteria -

their past work, which might be striking and colourful,

or boldly monochromatic. Their Rhinos must

 inspire, enchant, entertain, educate and/or

 intrigue their audience – the general public.


Their work must stop people in their tracks –

 and they do. Artists are not briefed, neither

by their sponsors from the business world, nor

by TRAC. We simply explain that their Rhinos

must stand out from the busy environment

in which they are exhibited, and

appeal to people of all ages.



Artists collaborate by donating their

time, creativity, skills and imaginations.

 In return, their work and their names are

exhibited to audiences of millions of people.

They benefit too from the opportunity to

contribute to a cause close to the hearts of South

 Africans, as well as conservationists the world

over - saving our Rhinos from extinction.