A Marketing Programme -
a Conservation Initiative -
and an Arts Project !

THE RHINOS ARE COMING!!! follows in the footsteps of a tried
and tested Art Sculpture Fundraising Exhibition trending worldwide. 
The Rhinos Are Coming!!! devised its own path and created a
project where everyone wins, sponsors, artists and partners,
all collaborating to raise money to help
save our rhinos from extinction.




The Rhinos Are Coming!!! started out as project to follow the successful trend of art sculpture outdoor exhibitions exhibiting familiar shapes painted imaginatively by artists which appear all over city landscapes and that have raised millions for worthy causes in cities worldwide.

Our Cause is to counter the desperate circumstances of our rhino populations decimated by poachers and heading for extinction. The exhibits are sponsored by the corporate world who benefit through the exposure their brands receive through promotion of their Rhinos.

Great benefits are enjoyed by cities due to the effects such Exhibitions have on tourism. Thousands of additional tourists flock to cities that holds such Exhibitions. Many aspects of a city's economy benefit, from the hospitality industry to the retail sector.

Several factors slowed the
development of our own
program for Cape Town.
First was the announcement
to the world of Cape Town's
drought and the effect it had
on tourism and economy.
Following this, sponsorship,
our life blood, slowed down.
Then several new opportun-
Ities arrived to fill the gaps.

We needed to change our timeframe. The V&A offered to exhibit our first Rhinos around Waterfront complex. The test turned out to be a huge success. Visitors are drawn to the sculptures like magnets. Adults take photos or selfies of themselves or with friends. Kids line up to climb on Rhinos. Thousands of photos are taken daily with the Rhinos.

We asked ourselves why we needed to confine the Rhinos to a three month Exhibition like other cities have done. Many countries have serious winters but the weather is Cape Town is mild and sunny all year round. Our Rhino Exhibition is permanent, all day long, open all the time. We have been exhibiting at the Waterfront for two years

Part of the funds we raise from sponsor ships are donated to our non- profit conservation recipient StopRhinoPoaching.com. 100% of the funds raised by SRP goes to the game reserves they support on the front lines of the poaching emergency. Funds purchase state-of-the-art services and equipment to fight the ongoing war on poaching.

Our mission is to expand the program with more and more rhinos so they will spill over from The Waterfront onto the streets of Cape Town and tourists hubs throughout the city, top of Table Mountain, Grand Parade, Sea Point Promenade, Cape Point etc. We will do this with the support of partners and collaborations.