Art is hot! Everyone has an opinion. How, for example, can one compare the 20th

and 21st century's' trend of Pop Art with the work of, say, Leonardo DaVinci.

Well art has evolved, and Pop Artists can and do command substantial prices for their

work.  They are considered to be the serious contemporary artists of today.

Thus the Rhino designs submitted to The Rhinos Are Coming!!! by todays artists, Pop

and otherwise, famous or emerging, will be selected based on criteria that their

creations must inspire, enchant, entertain, educate and/or intrigue their audience  

the public who will appreciate and enjoy The Rhinos Are Coming!!! Public Art Exhibition.

The participation of noteworthy artists who are prepared to give of their time will

add substantially to the income from the sale of their work at the Gala Auction Event

and the Online Auction which is the culmination of the program.

The more famous the artist the higher will be the price.

Judging by recent sky-high prices paid by collectors for works by up-and-coming as

well as famous artists, funds raised at the Auctions at the end of the Exhibtion will be


And if raising maximum funds for the cause of saving rhinos is the key objective of this

project, why not include a sprinkling of famous international artists who may also be

interested in contributing their stardom to this fun cause to help bring to an end these

shameful poaching crimes in Africa.

Local and international celebrities too will be invited to submit designs, perhaps

working in collaboration with local artists of their choice. Celebrities' Rhino sculptures

will add to prices acheived at the auction. This is a FUN event and all viable ideas to

increase funds raised will be considered.

Designs will be in good taste and be selected by a panel of art and design experts.

Contracts will be agreed and blank rhinos delivered. Public painting space will be

available for those without sufficient room to work on a life sized rhino sculpture.

The public space will become an attraction in its own right as citizens and visitors

share in the process of Creating Art.

What is Art?

World over controversy has raged over the thorny issue of WHAT IS ART!

Behind every stunning

  Art Sculpture Exhibition  is

    a talented community of

   creative individuals. They light up

     city streets and bring laughter and

    delight with their imaginative, sometimes

whimsical, always creative works of art.