Lining up for a ride on the Big Wheel........

Taking a stroll along the Promenade

The Rhinos will appear on busy city

street corners. They’ll dazzle visitors

arriving a the airport. You may bump

into a small herd on top of Table

Mountain, or guarding The Castle,

or protesting outside parliament,

(after all this is a democracy).

Each life sized Rhino sculpture will

be designed by artists - famous and

emerging, and by celebrities from South Africa and around the world. Special programs for schools will educate children about wildlife protection and careers in the creative arts.

After the exhibition the sculptures

will be auctioned. The proceeds from the auction will go to our recipient  No other event will spread awareness far and wide about the plight of the rhinos - than this one.

We invite you to

take part by sponsoring

a Rhino for your business.

There are sponsorship

opportunities to suit

every pocket.

Artists and our creative

communities are invited to

participate by designing

a fabulous Rhino and

showcasing their work

to millions.

Our education program

teaches kids about th

importance of wildlife-

protection while creating

their own mini rhinos

for the exhibition



Our mission is to contribute meaningful funds and to raise awareness for the plight of our rhinos

by organising a popular outdoor Art Exhibition in Cape Town lasting several months which will increase tourism, boost the economy, educate children to protect wildlife and expose local artists to new markets - through collaborations between business and the arts on one platform supporting a

socially responsible wild life conservation ideal.

Checking the views on top of Table Mountain


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In the summer of 2017/2018 a crash (herd)

of 100 or more Rhinos will be stampeding

through the historic streets of Cape Town.

Life-size brilliantly imagined Rhinos will

enchant both locals and visitors alike.

This spectacular Outdoor Art Exhibition will

last three summer months. With your support

we can help secure a safer future for our Rhinos.


Eight rhino ambassadors will clambour aboard a nattily decorated carnival float. They'll interview celebrities, taste wine at famous wine estates, flirt with the paparazzi and make a media spectacle of themselves.

These eight rhino ambassadors will have been transformed by prominent artists to become valuable works of art and will form part of the crash of Golden Rhinos to be auctioned in April 2018 after the Exhibition.